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Drones at Gatwick, US pullout in Syria, DR Congo election delay, Ghosn’s rearrest

You know Dr Seuss' Grinch who stole Christmas? Well, this week we discovered that the actual person might actually exist. Near Crawley in West Sussex, England, home to the UK's second busiest airport. Flights were grounded at Gatwick because of drone flights near the runway.


And will this week be remembered as a turning point for Syria, Afghanistan and the United States? After Donald Trump declared victory over the IS group in Syria and announced the pullout of the 2,000 US forces deployed there, the US defence secretary was quick to tender his resignation. The day after Trump's pullout announcement, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan then hosted his Iranian counterpart in Ankara. Erdogan has vowed to take on the Kurdish-led forces that control not only northeastern Syria, but strategic points west of the Euphrates river, such as the town of Manbij.

China also marked the 40th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's decision to open up the economy and yes, times have sure changed.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, the long overdue election has been postponed by another week. The opposition is on edge after the electoral commission cited a fire for the untimely delay.

And for less than 24 hours it seemed like there would be some Christmas cheer for Renault-Nissan's disgraced boss. But then the Japanese rearrested Carlos Ghosn on other corruption-related charges.

Produced by Charles WENTE, Elom TOBLE and James VASINA.

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