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Venezuela showdown, Brexit backstop bother, what to do about foreign jihadists?

Nicolas Maduro has seen off many a challenge since he succeeded the late Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, but we're definitely in unchartered territory now, with self-proclaimed rival president Juan Guaido openly courting the military. Our panel also discuss the trouble with the Brexit backstop, what to do with foreign jihadists, plus the past and future of Iran.


After the humiliating rejection of her divorce deal, Theresa May is rallying both her Conservative Party and the Northern Irish DUP behind a plan to go renegotiate terms with Brussels to keep the land border with Ireland open at all costs. The same evening, MPs also approved a symbolic motion that rejects a no-deal Brexit.

Also, the prospect of a US pullout from Syria is forcing both friends and foes to scramble. A case in point is France, which up until now had a policy of not taking back its nationals who had gone to fight for the Islamic State group. Not so anymore.

And thousands of Iranians this Friday packed the mausoleum of the Islamic Republic's founder to mark the 40th anniversary of the return of Ayatollah Khomeini to Tehran from exile in France. His return after 14 years would signal the fall of the pro-Western Shah of Iran.

Produced by Yann PUSZTAI, Elom TOBLE and James VASINA.

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