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Assange in custody, Halloween Brexit, Sudan's palace coup and India's high-stake general election

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, now 47, was dragged out of Ecuador’s embassy in London on Thursday after his seven-year asylum was revoked by his host country. He’s now been charged with skipping bail in the UK, and the plaintiff in a sexual assault case in Sweden – which had been dropped on a technicality - has asked for the case to be re-opened. The US has also unsealed an indictment against the Australian over Chelsea Manning's data dumps of classified defence and state department cables.


And then there was Brexit: Wednesday's umpteenth emergency EU summit included moments of mirth. The atmosphere lightened by movement at Westminster with Conservatives and Labour finally engaging in cross-party talks but there was also the good cop act by Germany's chancellor, calling to give the British more space so they can make their own choices.

And on Thursday, Sudan’s leader was overthrown by the military. Nearly three decades after he took power in a coup, Omar al-Bashir was placed in house arrest after months of protests over the rising costs of living.

Also on Thursday, India's general election kicked off. The election will take place in seven phases, during six weeks, and be decided by 900 million registered voters. There are more first-time voters in this general election than there are citizens here in France.

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